How to Store Your Handbags And Purses?

How to Store Your Handbags And Purses?

How to store handbags Tips on how to store handbags start with the basics, such as cleaning the filling and proper air circulation. These tips ensure that you do not damage or decrease the value of your handbag. If you use these 7 simple tips, you will make your handbags look new, and enjoy using them for many years.

1. Hooks are an easy way to organize wallets that use vertical space. Decorative hooks allow you to hang custom Handbags in your room or entrance area, and for the environmentally conscious, bicycle hooks are a great option to hang multiple wallets on a single hook in an invisible space. Turn a bookshelf into a handbag by attaching hooks to Tote bags and lining clutch shelves.

2. A more luxurious approach to organizing your purse is to keep your purse collection in a secure closet. Use a little storage space to organize your wallets by installing narrow baskets along the cupboard walls. Linen containers are a great-looking organizational solution for your closets.

3. Although not as large as a walk-in closet, using the space you have is essential to keep your handbags organized and stowed away when not needed. Hang your handbag on the door, or as you prefer to Design your display, and use the unused space in your closet.

4. The other way to protect the shape of your handbag is to use a filled bag. The best option for your wallet is a pillow, but acid-free tissue paper or packaging bubbles also work.

5. Store handbags in dust bags or pillowcases Most designer handbags and non-designer handbags come in dust bags. An easy way to protect your purse or wallet from outside threats during storage is to use a dust bag. Dustbags protect your wallet from the possibility of mould that you see in other sealed bags.

6. Knowing how not to store your handbag Before storing your handbag, avoid placing it in direct sunlight, as this can damage the material and cause fading and cracks. You also do not want your handbags to be stored upside down or smashed, as this leads to material damage. Leather handbags should not be stored in high humidity environments as moisture can cause exfoliation, mould, and mould.

7. Be inspired by designer boutiques and display your handbags on high shelves in the closet. Keep your bags organized by dividing them by color, season, and designer suspension. If you don’t want to put your handbag in a pillowcase or duster bag, place it in a transparent mesh box so you can see where it is in your Collection.


Many purses, most of them designer bags, are made of leather or fabric that has faded in the sun. Mould can form and you can store your wallet in plastic bags or containers.

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