How to tell if a Vintage Gucci Bag is Real? Authenticate A Gucci Bag!

How to tell if a Vintage Gucci Bag is Real? Authenticate A Gucci Bag!

How to tell if a Vintage Gucci Bag is Real? That Is Most Common Question We Heard Since We are In This Industry! Here Is Answer of All your Question about Gucci Handbags!  

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How To Authenticate A Gucci Bag? Gucci is the most popular handbag designer out there. A speedy Google search will show website after website with a list of every Gucci bag ever made. As usual, anytime anything becomes this desirable, people will try to imitate it.
One of my favorite things about my blog is that I get to share my knowledge and help guide you through making educated purchases! Below are some easy ways you can be sure your Gucci purchase is not a fake!

1: Check the Serial Number Tag: 

2: Check the Materials and Craftsmanship.

3: Examine the Stitching.

4: Notice the Hardware.

5: Search for a card of provided by business.

6.  Ask for the Gucci Dust Bag.

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The first thing you want to do before authenticating your bag is to look at the logo on the bag (classically on one of the sides). Did you notice that all Gucci logo's are slightly raised? This is a very easy way to spot a fake! Now, does the logo look authentic and smooth to the touch?

The next thing I like to do is feel for quality. I like to rub my finger along the stitching of the bag. Is it smooth and even, or is it rough? Same goes for the material on the inside of the handles/bags. Run your fingers along all of these places and see if you can feel roughness, bumps, or uneven seams.

Next thing to pay close attention to is the hardware work on the Gucci bag. Did you notice that I said "the hardware work"? What I mean by this is any emblem, plaque, stamping or other place where a piece of metal goes in, it should have a smooth seam and should not feel like it is going to rip off. If you have ever had your Gucci hardware sewed on wrong or sewn unevenly, then chances are this might be an issue.

Lastly let's talk about the Gucci patches/badges. If you notice a real Gucci bag there will be the shape of the bag stamped into one corner. Usually it is on the bottom left, top right, or sometimes both corners. This little badge is called a "patch". A real Gucci patch should be sewn on with two pieces of thread. The stitching should be tight and uniform all the way around the patch (on the backside as well).
The best way to tell if an authentic Gucci bag is real, is to compare it to another similar bag that you know for sure is real! You want to look at things like hardware quality, logo quality and placement, colors of threads used, etc.

These are The Best Step and Guide to How to Tell if a Vintage Gucci Bag is Real! 

NOTE: If you want to spot a fake Gucci handbag, seek a control card to tell you if the bag is true, but remember to take a card out of one bag and add it to a different item. You can not always dismiss your bag if you do not have a controllato card, because the card is included in the packaging.

Learning how a Gucci handbag is authenticated becomes easier as you build your luxury accessories collection. To detect a fake Gucci bag, use this Gucci checklist. Apply this simple guide to authenticate Gucci handbags before you buy and you'll be happier about your collection and investment return for anything Gucci.

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